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About Us

Delivering software since 2017.

We are founded out of the University of Mannheim in Germany to digitalise regional grocers and marketplace operators and make them capable of delivery with our own software product. Since then, we have continued to develop and now offer our expertise as a software developer and operator to other companies. As a result, many German companies such as BMW, are now among our customers

Success Story

We delivered an app that filled the need of regional retailers to be able to deliver their goods with as little hustle as possible. In 2020 alone we satisfied over 20000 customers all over Germany. We allowed Christmas market vendors to reach a wider audience by digitising the entire market and received praise even from the german minister of agriculture.


This is just a sliver of what we have to offer you.

Need anything? Let us know. We are always open to suggestions, it is one of the main ways we ensure growth.

Remote work

We believe in a world, where software developers are able to work together efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Flexible working hours

A great work/life balance is probably the most important aspect in every job. We have  flexible working times and 30 days of paid vacation.

Power to you

We support your freedom of work by having clients who believe in that as well as hooking you up with great hardware for your home-office.

Help is a message away

Feel like you are too green for the job? You will have your own personal mentor, ready to help you anytime and guide your career development.

Career development

We craft individual long term development plans for everyone  based on your interests and needs. Came in for a backend position and want to learn frontend too? Lets make a plan so you can work on such projects.

Bonuses / Payment

We are transparent about  our salaries and are always ready to help you expand. Have a course you want to take?  Want to get a tech certification? Need a book? Tell us and we will make it happen.

How we work

What is it like working with us?

We are a small team so we stay united. We care about each others dreams and aspirations and try to reach our goals together. We abolished any hierarchy and everyone is free to speak their mind and request what they need. We pride ourselves on transparency so you will always be part of our journey and have a say in it, we share our progress and knowledge to boost each other on the way to greatness.

Ready to join?

Check our positions below. We are on a constant lookout for fresh talent to join our mission of delivering software.

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Can't find the perfect position?

If you can't find the perfect position, no worries. Send us an email with your resume anyways and we will let you know if we have got a match!

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